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We are a group of leading distributors in London Ontario and around the world

now sponsoring Independent Business Owners for Forever Living Products! 

My name is Brad Wright Supervisor and London Ontario team leader.

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Selecting The Best Aloe - You Decide  Every company will claim that their product is the best! So, who do you believe? It is easy, don't believe anyone, you do the homework, you compare and YOU DECIDE. This page will help you learn what to look for and what is important in order to select the best product for your needs. Aloe Vera is probably the most adulterated product on the world market because most of the Aloe Vera drinks sold to consumers contain only a fraction of the claimed content of Aloe Vera gel. One fairly widely advertised award-winning brand claims to: - have no taste - contain no preservatives - keeps for years without spoiling - tastes like water - looks like water ... but probably it is water with little aloe! Is that kind of aloe vera you are looking for? Some suppliers, brokers and manufacturers frequently stretch one gallon or one pound of genuine Aloe Vera gel liquid or powder to literally tens or hundreds of gallons or pounds of finished Aloe Vera drink, reaping outrageous profits. The taste of the Aloe Vera juice or drink you experience is mostly due to citric acid and preservatives. Genuine fresh Aloe Vera gel tastes bland and is slightly oily. Commercially produced Aloe Vera cosmetics and skin care products are no better because most of the time Aloe Vera gel is there just for label claims, meaning merely present to entice you to buy them. The amount of aloe present is often so small that it imparts no benefit to the products whatsoever. Why FLP, Why Forever Aloe Vera Here are some interesting facts why would someone consume Forever Living Aloe instead of other brands: First, FLP owns its own Aloe Vera plantations in the fertile Rio Grande Valley in Southern Texas, Dominican Republic and Mexico (three countries). FLP grows only the Aloe Barbadensis Miller that has the most nutritional compounds, even though there are more than 300 different species of Aloe. Our cold pressed, stabilized Aloe Vera is the very finest available. To keep it at the highest standards FLP has vertically integrated entire aloe process. It means we control everything from fields, to factory, to research and development, to packing, to shipping and distribution. This allows us to guarantee the quality of FLP products to our millions of customers and distributors who depend on them for a healthier and more rewarding livelihood. FLP processes its Aloe Vera leaves within hours of harvesting. They are washed and rinsed twice before being carefully filleted. Minutes after filleting, the raw gel is stabilized by a proven, patented process which preserves essentially all of the 75 different nutritional compounds naturally occurring in the plant. Only pure Aloe Vera gel is used. The leaf along with the yellowish lining (called aloin) is discarded. The pulp of the raw gel then undergoes a stabilization process that protects it from oxidation and seals in its natural potency. (Oxidation means getting exposed to air.) Only mature Aloe Vera plants providing 100% gel potency are harvested and used for manufacture. Modern harvesting techniques are employed throughout the farm system and no pesticides are used in any phase of operation. Each aloe plant starts out as a shoot, or pup. After approximately 3 years of careful cultivation, each mature Aloe Vera leaf is gently removed from the plant by hand with a small incision along the stalk. The facilities, machinery, test equipment, etc are subject to stringent government regulations. Every batch of every product manufactured is tested a number of times to ensure purity and consistency before, during and after final formulation before release by quality control from quarantine. Once the aloe gel has been tested and approved, it is transported to FLP's product manufacturing plant, Aloe Vera of America, in Dallas, Texas where it's put through a series of microbiological and quantitative testing. Once approved, the gel is transferred to our product formulation tanks. When the compounding phase is completed, the product is filled on our automated filling line. The consumable products are sealed to protect against contamination, and to increase shelf-life. The bottles are made with a unique 3-layer plastic which further protects the product from oxidation and keeps it fresh. Our revolutionary bottling equipment can produce over 100,000 bottles per shift, that's more than three bottles of Aloe Vera Gel filled, sealed and packaged per second! Isn't that unique! PROVEN RESULTS: The Food and Drug Testing Laboratories of New York conducted an independent test comparing Forever Living's Stabilized Gel with the gel from a raw, mature Aloe Barbadensis leaf. The two were found by them to be "essentially identical". In other words what you get in the bottle is the same as what you would have if you filleted your own leaf (without a mess!). Forever Living Product's Aloe Vera Gel has been certified by the International Aloe Science Council and earned the right to display the Council's Seal of approval on the Gels. (Refer to page 18 for more details on certifications.) FLP Aloe Vera products have been approved not only by International Aloe Science Council, but they carry KOSHER Rating seal of approval, as well as Islamic Seal of approval and none ofthe products have been tested on Animals. Save 15% -35% off Retail by becoming a distributor! It is absolutely Free to join and order your own products at a discount.


Our Distributors Forever team
is in London Ontario Canada,
the U.S.A. and around the World!

We are dedicated to the local people living in London Ontario Canada to market and sell Forever Living products in London ON directly. We also help people anywhere in the world become a part or full time Business Owner marketing Forever Living Products. The nice thing about Forever Living is that you can do this business not only in London Ontario Canada but other countries in the world as well. For example, if you live in London Ontario you can sign up someone in the U.K. Forever Living has distribution centers all over the world in many countries. Our Distribution center in Canada is located in the greater Toronto Area of Ontario. When you join our team you will be directed to sign up in the country you live in. So you don't have to live in London Ontario Canada to be part of our Distributor team with Forever Living Products. Our team is dedicated to your success wherever you are.

Save 15% -35% off Retail by becoming a distributor!

It is absolutely Free to join and order your own products at a discount.


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